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About Thirsty Bastards

Fest Bastards

The Thirsty Bastards are Craig and Josh. We live and drink in Chicago. is an evolution of Craig’s blog focused on the art on beer labels. After three years of writing about beer marketing illustration, Craig realized that there was a lot more about beer culture that he wanted to write about. Not to mention that there’s some pretty spectacular wine and spirits label art out there that wouldn’t make sense being featured on

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About Craig

CraigI am Craig Gunderson, former curator of Beer Labels Art. Have you ever held a beautifully-illustrated beer bottle in your hand and wondered who the artist was? It’s my hope that the Beer Label Art section of this site will help beer drinkers who are wondering the same.

I have a BFA in illustration and I’ve been working as a web content developer for over a decade. I’m also a craft beer snob. Launching this site combines those three passions into a tidy little dream project. I hope you enjoy.

I regularly contribute art and hilariousness to Hard Cheap Knock.

My favorite adult beverages are Scottish ales, barleywines, stouts, and Belgian dubbels. I also like a tawny port from time to time.
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About Josh

josh-conventJosh is the former beer buyer at now-closed Quenchers Saloon (the oldest continuously operating craft beer bar in Chicago), has run a record label since 1997, owned a record store sometime last millennium, was recently a partner in a local music booking agency, and lost the better chunk of a decade wearing a suit in an office. His relationship with sweet lady liquor is a hazy one at best but is punctuated with vague memories of awe, triumph, despair, ecstasy, and a distinct recollection of vomiting up copious amounts of Root Beer Schnapps sometime in the 1980s.
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