"'Thirst for knowledge... Drink to...'?" "What's that?" "Oh, I was just reading your beer Koozie®." "I'm sorry, that word is a registered trademark. This is an official Thirsty Bastards 'beer huggie'." "You mean like Huggies®?" "Whoa whoa! I definitely did NOT suggest to you, in casual conversation, that I may have purchased something from that would have been named in such a way as to infringe on any trademarked property." "Oh forget it..." "Yes!" "Huh?" "Forget." "What are you talking about?" "'Drink To Forget'." "I already wish I could." A random choice from 18 possible color koo- er, huggies will be sent to you. If you would like a specific color, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. Price includes shipping in the continental US.

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Remember the last time you tied one on? The next morning, after you pried your wrist out of that bear trap and wiped off the lipstick message on your forehead proclaiming your desire to be everyone's "snuggle doll", you found that your phone had blown up with messages berating your abhorrent behavior the night before? Our newsletter is only about 10% like that and only 1/3 of the frequency. Subscribe!